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VOTE COW: Protet Roe v. Wade. Add your voice!

Highland Park Art Center, 1957 Sheridan Rd, Highland Park, IL

Artists and community members are enthusiastically invited to add to this collaborative piece!

• Please stay in the pink color scheme.
• Exclusively positive, hand-crafted content.
• Others may build upon your work. Please be open and flexible!
• Artwork will not be returned.
• Vote Tree and the Art Center may use a digital rendering of any contribution for any purpose.
• Organizers withhold to right to remove any work that does not fit within the vision of the piece.

Past Events

Rally for Abortion Justice
Port Clinton Square

600 Central Ave, Highland Park IL

Rep. Brad Schneider, Planned Parenthood Illinois, Personal Pac, Men4Choice, YarnPowers, Vote Tree, and powerhouse organizers Dana Gordon, Stephanie Luger, Renee Kahn, & Ann Weisberg joined 650+ Sister Marches nationwide and the Rally for Abortion Justice in D.C. for the largest single-day mobilization dedicated to abortion justice and reproductive freedom in history.

Tag @WomensMarch & @VoteTree

This is a full-scale assault on abortion access.

Texas passed one of the most extreme abortion bans this country has ever seen. Known as S.B. 8, this law bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy — before many people even know they’re pregnant.

With S.B. 8 now in effect, politicians, neighbors, and even complete strangers can sue anyone who helps a person access an abortion in Texas after six weeks. Patients’ loved ones, doctors, and others who help them access care are now at risk of getting dragged into court.

This is a red alert moment for sexual and reproductive rights. Other states will likely follow Texas’s playbook. We’ve seen it time and time again. 

3 Easy Steps to Defend Abortion Access


Vote Tree founder Jacqueline von Edelberg and YarnPowers Rachel Powers are collaborating on the Port Clinton public art activation. The interactive installation will feature whimsical croffiti trees, wire-hanger yarn hearts, and Atlanta’s red, white, and blue fabric fence.

Craftapaloza starts starts at 11 AM. All ages and positive voices welcome. Bring your glitter power!! Come!!

Jacqueline von Edelberg
Artist Activist Jacqueline von Edelberg, Vote Tree
Crofetti Artist/Activist Rachel Powers YarnPowers

Past Events

Light Up The Vote!

Hosea Williams, Atlanta’s beloved civil rights leader would have turned 95 on Jan 5, the day Georgians will vote in the Senate runoff. To honor Williams and his dream for universal voter participation, local artists and two passionate organizations, BlockPower and, have come together to help get out the vote.

On Jan 3, a live-art, juried activation will be taking place at the VoteTree. Thanks to the goodwill of several locally-owned companies, including ColorChrome Atlanta, The Windscreen Factory, and Illuminating Design, emerging and established artists will be transforming a chain-link construction fence that traverses the area into a 250′ mural entitled, Dear America: A Chain-link Love Letter From Atlanta (pass it on).

A stellar line up of judges includes muralist Fabian Williams @occasionalsuperstar and Hosea Williams’ daughter, Barbara Emerson Williams.

This happening is happening. Join us as we honor Williams’ dream for universal voter participation and create a lasting impact in Atlanta for decades to come.

When: Sunday, Jan 3, 2021 at 12pm-5pm.
In case of rain, the day prior. Check the FB event for updates.

Where: Under the Hosea Williams mural, behind the Studioplex parking lot.
In front of 22 Airline Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30312.
The site is readily seen from the Edgewood overpass.

Why:  Georgia’s run-off election is one of the most important elections in our lifetime.

Who: Hosted By

Vote Tree is a non-partisan public art effort that aims to drive civic engagement, amplify community voice, and celebrate emergent artists.

Block Power QR card

BlockPower is a nonprofit focused on maximizing black voter turnout by empowering members of the community to become paid Voting Ambassadors. These change agents reach out to friends and neighbors about the importance of voting and in turn these people commit to reminding three more people to vote – thus tripling voter turnout.

Art. Changes. Everything.

Under the Vote Tree initiative, acclaimed artist Fabian Willams has revitalize his iconic 4-story Hosea mural. The work’s hieroglyphics spell out civic leader’s motto: Feed the People.

Under the glow-in-the-dark mural, artists are inspiring voters with humble materials: red, white, and blue yarn, chalk, paint, and hundreds of strips of torn fabric. But the art is not the point. The point is the process.

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Boundless gratitude
to all the good folks giving VoteTree the nourishment to grow:

Block Power, Scope50, Focus 2020

Capital City Construction, StudioPlex LLC, Colorchrome Atlanta, Illuminating Design, Sam Flax Atlanta, and The Windscreen Factory

Jessica Broitman Foundation, Joanne Gold, Suzie Katz, Susan Jaquet, Shaun Eli, Jon Carrol, and the unbossed & unbought citizens of Georgia.

The Vote Tree welcomes everyone’s positive voice.
Masks and social distancing required.


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