EuGene Byrd

EuGene Byrd

Change The Ref ART-TIVIST Creative & Graphic Talent Award

 “What EuGene Byrd did with two words, impressive level of creativity and some very cool images, describes the essence of a better society.” – Manny Oliver, Change The Ref

EuGene Byrd painting
Artist: EuGene Byrd
Photo: Lorikay Stone

Dear America, I want you to know that the people STILL have the power.

Dream Big EuGene Byrd
EuGene Byrd • Original 5’x5′ canvas
Photo: Demetrius Williams – Usual Suspects Photography

EuGene Vidal Byrd III was born in Wichita, KS the last of three children of Ella Mae and Eugene from dirt county roads of Tulsa, OK. EuGene was early influenced by 70’s album covers; comic books and he could always be found drawing. His mother being an interior decorator /artist herself always encouraged EuGene to pursue his art. But growing up in the 80’s during the gangbang creak era, from a low-income environment it took awhile for EuGene to fully embrace his artistic calling. After high school EuGene attended cSouthern University in Baton Rouge, LA to study business. After a disappointing year, EuGene was finally ready to take his art serious. In 1996 he packed his bags and moved to Atlanta to study art and design.

EuGene received his BFA from SCAD in 2002. Worked as a graphic designer and creative director for 15 years for fortune 500 companies such as Timberland, Meineke Car Care, Sonny Pictures, Walt Disney, Worldpay, Miami and Dubai International Airport. After the loss of his sister and mother a successful design career just wasn’t fulfilling enough. In 2016 he left his job and stepped out on faith to fully pursue his art career. EuGene founded Future Dead Artists, and operated FUTURE GALLERY from 2018-2020 in which he mentored artists/curators, curated 20 exhibitions and over 200 artists. EuGene believes that great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better.