Vanna Black

Vanna Black

Power to the People Award

Mar VeeVanna Black painting
Artist: Vanna Black
Photo: Marc Klockow

Artist Vanna Black has generously donated her People’s Choice Award to help preserve the Hosea Williams mural.

Please join Vanna in supporting the preservation effort.
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It is imperative that we keep Hosea and his legacy alive in hopes that others follow in his abundance of giving and long lasting impact that he had made on not just Atlanta but across the US.  His contribution to the civil rights movement is a blueprint for how we should operate as a society. No matter the background, we must of take care of each other. – Vanna Black

Mar VeeVanna Black VoteFlower
Vanna Black Vanna • Original 5’x5′ canvas
Photo: Demetrius Williams – Usual Suspects Photography

Event IG post:

I did a thing. Thanks to @noigclei – I was selected to participate among several other artist to #livepaint @votetree organization’s event called #LightUpTheVote, on the Beltline in front of the #hoseawilliamsmural by @occasionalsuperstar to encourage people to #vote on Jan. 5th. This election has the potential to change the trajectory of Georgia and the US over all. The #spotlight is on #Georgia right now. We changed to a #bluestate

Personal Note: This was a #challenge to #paint in the #cold, no glove (my fault), SUPER #WINDY on a moving #canvas. That was like #painting on a #wavingflag. My #linework was super hard to complete but #ididit #metallic #silverlining Overall this was the highlight on my 3rd day of the year. I said that I wanted to commit myself to my art more and more this year and so shall I do it. To advance in my craft is not a dream but a mission.