Kat Goduco • @katgoduco

Kat Goduco

Kat Goduco is a Filipino-American photographer based in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA.

With full anticipation, Kat captures intricate moments. She is drawn to the emotion of her subjects and it is present through her body of work. Through practice, discipline and guidance from veteran artists, Kat has been able to grow within her craft. Organizations such as the Atlanta Hawks, College Football Hall of Fame and the YMCA make up some of Kat Goduco’s vast client list. Her photographs have also been featured in publications such as People Magazine, USA Today, OK Magazine and many more.

Presently, Kat’s photo installations can be seen traveling across the country in “Art, Beats + Lyrics”(one of America’s largest urban art exhibitions, sponsored by Jack Daniels). In her spare time, she has recently been shooting movement and concepts through fabrics. Kat Goduco also produces showcases that help others identify art at its most basic form, telling a story. During these shows, Kat Goduco creates visions that come to life. Her concepts of photographic work are accompanied with performances to enhance its underlying theme. She fuses various artistic forms such as dance, music and spoken word in each showcase, to help educate and entertain her audience.