Sean Mills

Sean Mills

Brother’s Keeper Award

On behalf of the 350K Americans who can no longer vote, thank you, Sean, for giving voice to the voiceless.

Sean Mills 'Peace' canvas on site.
Artist: Sean Mills
Photo: Lorikay Stone

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Sean Mills Upcycled PPE Ornaments
Sean Mills • Tree Ornaments from Upcycled PPE Remainders
Credit: B. Goldbaum

Dear America, I want you to know that your voice matters!

Sean Mills is a visual artist and painter. His work has been shown at Pixel Drip Gallery in Los Angeles and frequently in the Atlanta area including: Young Blood Gallery, Future Dead Artists, South Fulton Art Center, The Art Place, and The Art Station, and at The Village Theater. He art advocacy includes such programs as the Mountain View Art Alliance, Maker Faire Atlanta, and the Grand Gala Gallery.