Derrick Phillips

Derrick Phillips

Unbossed & Unbound Award

Derrick’s striking portrait of MLK reverberated throughout the state, helping Block Power deliver 24K+ voters to the polls.

Derrick Phillips
Artist: Derrick Phillips
Photo: Marc Klockow 

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Thank you for honoring Civil Rights icons Hosea Williams, John Lewis, and Martin Luther King and inspiring so many fellow Georgians to make their voice heard.

Derrick Phillips
Derrick Phillips • Original 5’x5′ canvas
Photo: Demetrius Williams – Usual Suspects Photography

Derrick Phillips Sr. is a mixed media artist whose art pays homage to the African-American diaspora. He primarily works in wood assemblages combined with a mixture of charcoal and acrylics.

Phillips art escapes the normal matrix of the square/rectangle shape and takes on the circle and cut out figures which derive from the law enforcement target practice silhouette. His current series entitled “Bullets & Nooses” speaks on the parallel between gun violence/police shootings and lynching. Two similar acts of brutality. The noose as necklace is a significant symbol representing homage and remembrance. The noose in combination with the halo symbol creates an infinity symbol representing the eternity of the soul.

In 2000 Phillips received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Concentration in Printmaking from Atlanta College of Art. His artwork has been shown in several exhibitions, including  “Atlanta Collects, The Renaissance Continues” in East Point, Ga Jack Sinclair Gallery.